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♫ More Musical inspiration for Out Of The Blue♫

I love 5SOS. Even though they’re being called the Australian version of One Direction and have attracted the teeny-bobber crowd (of which I am NOT a member,) their voices are strong and their music is very easy to listen to.

I heard this song for the first time a couple of weeks ago and all I could think of was my two guys, Jake and Cameron.


<3 RJ x



♫ Musical inspiration for Book #1 (Out Of The Blue)♫

I’ve posted a couple of inspirational music clips for my current WIP (Book #2) and I have completely ignored Book #1 (Working title – Out Of The Blue.). I sometimes forget that only three people have actually read it.  It’s currently in the hands of the publisher and I’m waiting to hear if it’ll be contracted.  See my related post on Patience. <– That’s the thing that I don’t have.

Anyway, Out Of The Blue is about an already established couple that go through a rough patch and have trouble finding their way back to each other. Here’s a clip, that when I first heard it I knew it was perfect for Cameron and Jake’s story.

<3 RJ x



Coffee? Left vein today please.

I was told by a well-known author friend of mine that now I have started writing I will end up with an addiction to coffee.


Little did she know I was already there.  My day does not start until after the first cup.  I’m fairly coherent after the second and I refuse to leave the house until after the third – unless of course I’m going out for coffee then the third one can wait. But not for long.

If you ever come to visit you may be offered a ‘George.’  I live on my Nespresso machine and I was very excited today when my delivery guy showed up with my usual 200 capsules. I sat down and enjoyed a ‘George.’

Everyone should have their very own ‘George.’  Emoji




Now all I need is a delivery guy who looks like this:


Or this:



Or maybe even this:



I’ll leave you with this note:


<3 RJ x

A word on patience…

It would appear that I don’t posses this virtue, which I thought, for the past umpteen years I did.

I can sit at a cafe and wait patiently for my coffee, happy to people watch and view the sights around me.

I can sit at a train station and patiently wait for my ride to the city, again, happy to people watch.

If I have my Kindle with me, I could patiently wait all damn day.

Sometimes while waiting patiently for a doctor’s appointment I have waited patiently all damn day.

My kids often ask me ‘when’s Dad coming home?  When are our cousins coming?  When’s the bus coming?‘ to which I always reply, when he/they/it arrive. Have patience.

But it would seem when waiting for a reply from the publisher to see if my book is going to be contracted, then I have no patience.  Their submission details state X amount of weeks for the review process on all submissions.  I’m currently at the end of week 3 and I know I have at least another X amount of weeks to go.  But does this stop me from checking my email everyday, just on the off chance that the publisher has nothing better to do than review my submission?  No.

It’s stupid.  I know this.  I keep telling myself to have patience.  My husband says ‘suck it up, you’ll just have to wait.’  And he’s right.  I can’t do anything but wait, and hope it gets accepted.  And if it doesn’t?  Then I guess I’ll submit to another publisher and start the whole waiting patiently game again.

<3 RJ x