It’s a New Year! Will it be awesome?




Have you ever looked back on a year and thought ‘wow, that was awesome.’ Nah, me either. For me a year usually consists of a few highs, a few lows but mainly boring, every day shit in between.

So this year, I’m hoping for a few more highs, a few less lows and the average amount of boring shit. Some may call me cynical, some may even call me realistic. I don’t think I’m very optimistic, but I’m certainly not pessimistic either. There’s a lot of ‘tic’s’ in that lot, unintentional I promise :)

All that being said, it doesn’t stop me from being excited. I have three scheduled releases, and if I can pull my finger out there may even be a fourth. So… I’m excited, this year promises to have a few more highs than last.

So, if you feeling a little like this today…



                             … come join my party and we’ll see how awesome it is!

Happy New Year all. May 2015 be the best yet!


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