I’ve returned from holiday

Okay, so I’ve been back for a while now but I was hit with double edits, work at the EDJ, kids on summer holidays… the list goes on – or I’m just making excuses as to why I’ve been so slack. I did warn you I wasn’t a very good blogger. I just don’t think my life is that exciting that you want to hear about it.

Anyway…. my holiday was a huge success. We loaded the car and headed about 3 hrs south to a small town called Dunsborough (check out the previous post to see where it is on the map). It’s small and sits on a beautiful sheltered bay with turquoise water. It is my favourite place in the world. I haven’t travelled a lot, but I’ve been to some pretty nice places, but none come close to this little piece of heaven. 20 minutes away is wine country and in an hour you can be in Margaret River, the international surfing spot. Like I said, it’s a pretty special place.

My bestie, Nic and her family flew over from Sydney for 10 days and we had some fun times together. The husbands found things in common (no, they’d never met before) and even our kids played and got along well. (My boys, 8 & 9 years and Nic’s girls, 14 & 15 years – I was a little worried because of the age difference). On our last night together, as we were saying goodbye in the restaurant carpark, all the kids had a big group hug. It was really sweet and I think my boys fell in love over those few days.


This pic was taken of Nic and I having a rest while trying to navigate our way through a giant hedge maze in Margaret River township. We teamed up, girls against boys. Can you guess who won? Yeah, of course we did!




2013-aerial-giant-hedgeThis is the maze we had to navigate through, one way in and only one way out. It was our “Alice” experience.






Have you got a favourite holiday spot you want to retire to someday?

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