It’s all too hard today…

Ever had one of those days where everything is just too hard? I haven’t done any writing, editing or researching. Nothing. I haven’t responded to emails or been over to the Two Men blog to set up posts. Which is totally unlike me. I’m usually doing something writing related.

I finished reading a book and took a nap. That was the extent of my day.



My hubby’s been away with work and I say I haven’t missed him. I’ve liked having a clean house, not much washing, little cooking and the peace and quiet. But today my mood has been really suckish so maybe I do miss him. I think I miss his cuddles. Maybe all I need is a Hubby Hug. Luckily he’s home tomorrow night so I’ll get a snuggle then.

I apologise for the sad post, this isn’t like me and you probably won’t see another on like it. But I guess everyone has a shitty day sometimes. I’ll be back to my normal self tomorrow. Promise:)


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