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Grease’s The One That I Want – Metal version

If you were lucky enough to see my last post with Angus and Julia Stone’s version of the song, then you’ll see this version is the complete opposite. I’m having a hard time deciding how I feel about this one. On one hand it’s OOT 80’s style which is an era in history that should never be repeated IMO, (except some of the music rocked) but on the other hand it’s well done and not what I expected.  Make sure you watch to the final bit. I thought they were going out of the room for some private time😉  Well, I guess she did needed privacy.

Don’t forget, Encore’s release is just 2 days away!


The One That I Want – Check out this version of the song

My short story The One That I Want is coming in Wayward Ink’s anthology Encore. Release date is March 20th.

My story is based on the musical Grease so I went searching the net. Check out this version of the song by Angus and Julia Stone.

Julia’s got a fantastic voice and this is such a lovely version of the original.



♫ Musical inspiration for Out of The Blue ♫

The other day while driving I hooked up my iPod to the car radio. It was on shuffle and it was playing various songs over a wide variety of genres, most songs played I had completely forgotten I had.  It wasn’t until this song came on that I remembered my misspent youth listening to anything and everything Melissa Etheridge. When I got home I quickly flicked through all the albums I have of hers – which is all of them I think – and I listened and listened. And I remembered being a lanky teenager saving all her money just to buy this album. I raced home with the cassette (yes it was that long ago) plugged in my headphones and got out my pad and paper so I could write down all the lyrics.  The things we used to do:)

For whatever reason, this song stayed with me and it sets the tone for the entire album.


If you haven’t got it, I recommend downloading it.  Good luck trying to find the cassette now:)

❤ RJ x



♫ More Musical inspiration for Out Of The Blue♫

I love 5SOS. Even though they’re being called the Australian version of One Direction and have attracted the teeny-bobber crowd (of which I am NOT a member,) their voices are strong and their music is very easy to listen to.

I heard this song for the first time a couple of weeks ago and all I could think of was my two guys, Jake and Cameron.


❤ RJ x



♫ Musical inspiration for Book #1 (Out Of The Blue)♫

I’ve posted a couple of inspirational music clips for my current WIP (Book #2) and I have completely ignored Book #1 (Working title – Out Of The Blue.). I sometimes forget that only three people have actually read it.  It’s currently in the hands of the publisher and I’m waiting to hear if it’ll be contracted.  See my related post on Patience. <– That’s the thing that I don’t have.

Anyway, Out Of The Blue is about an already established couple that go through a rough patch and have trouble finding their way back to each other. Here’s a clip, that when I first heard it I knew it was perfect for Cameron and Jake’s story.

❤ RJ x



♫ Musical inspiration for book #2 ♫

I recently downloaded One Republic‘s album ‘Native’.  I knew a couple of their songs but bought the entire album instead of just the ones I liked, and I’m so glad I did.  I recognized most of the songs (‘I didn’t know they sung that!’) and was surprised that there weren’t any ‘fillers’.  All the songs are fantastic and it has been the best album I’ve bought in years.

Here’s one of my favorites for book #2:

❤ RJ x