Coffee? Left vein today please.

I was told by a well-known author friend of mine that now I have started writing I will end up with an addiction to coffee.


Little did she know I was already there.  My day does not start until after the first cup.  I’m fairly coherent after the second and I refuse to leave the house until after the third – unless of course I’m going out for coffee then the third one can wait. But not for long.

If you ever come to visit you may be offered a ‘George.’  I live on my Nespresso machine and I was very excited today when my delivery guy showed up with my usual 200 capsules. I sat down and enjoyed a ‘George.’

Everyone should have their very own ‘George.’  Emoji




Now all I need is a delivery guy who looks like this:


Or this:



Or maybe even this:



I’ll leave you with this note:


<3 RJ x

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