I’m in editing… and I’m a little scared.

My last post I spoke about my BIG decision to self publish. So now I’ve told the world what I’m doing, I should tell you I’ve contracted an editor.

Some people have the misconception that self published = not properly edited.  Not true.  Self edited = not properly edited. I have hired, not just one editor, but the team from Cool Beans Publishing & Editing.

1913135Check out their editing services here.

If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t do things half-assed.  I won’t put something out to the world that I’m not completely happy with.  That’s why I’ve got editors.  I don’t like comma’s and I’m pretty sure ellipses, periods and em-dashes hate me.

So why am I scared?  I love my book, I love the men in my book. Even when they didn’t do as they were told, I still loved them. Their story will live with me forever. I’m scared because I know the editing team will tell me everything that’s wrong with my story. But that’s okay, that’s what editors are supposed to do. They’re there to help me make it a better story. They’re there to point out all the things wrong with it, so I can fix it and so the reviewers, (hopefully, fingers and toes crossed) will enjoy reading about my boys, nearly as much as I’ve enjoyed writing their story.

Now I have to write the blurb😦



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