Excerpt from Indigo Road, my current WIP. (Not stolen)

I don’t normally do this, but something came to my attention yesterday morning and I’ve been wracking my brains what to do ever since.  After I had a moment – read, a few tears – a friend of mine suggested posting an excerpt, even if it’s just to show a timeline of events.

My current WIP, called Indigo Road (previous working title was Joy Ride) is currently sitting at about 30k, which I think is about half way or maybe two thirds finished. According to Scrivener, I started writing this on 20 December 2014.

It’s about two straight best friends, Alex and Josh. They’ve been best friends since junior high when the new kid, Alex, was sentenced to detention the same time as Josh. They became fast friends through a mutual hatred for the science teacher, and have been inseparable ever since. They even share a birthday and their parents call them ‘The Terrible Twins.’  They went to college together and when they graduated (which is where my story starts) they’re given a remodelled VW Combi Van as a graduation present from their parents.  They’d always planned on taking a year off to ‘find themselves’ prior to getting a job (we call this a gap year in Aus). So you can guess what happens, right? Yes, it’s a double GFY. Instead of ‘finding themselves’ during the twelve months, they find each other. Can I get a collective ‘aww?’

Anyway, here’s an (unedited) excerpt:

We stumbled up the stairs to our room at the B&B, and no sooner had we closed the door, Alex had me pinned against it, his mouth assaulting my throat.
“Tell me this isn’t weird,” Alex said on a breath.
“It’s not weird. It’s right.” 
“Tell me… tell me you want this as much as I do.”
Alex’s lips made their way to my ear and the soft spot behind it, making any coherent thought impossible.
“Want… you,” I managed to squeeze out.
In an instant his body was gone from mine and I was left cold without it. Alex grabbed my hand and led me quickly to the bed, pushing me down and climbing on top of me.
“I don’t know what I’m doing,” he said, resuming the assault on my throat as his hands pushed my shirt up. He found a nipple and tweaked it hard.
“Ungh, more of that.”
My hips had a mind of their own as they bucked, trying to find some friction. I’d never been so turned on. Alex palmed my cock through my jeans, his movements gentle and hesitant.
“Is this okay?” Alex asked.
“Better if my jeans weren’t in the way.”
“Um… I…”
I stopped his movement, placing my hand over his but not removing it from my groin.
“It’s okay. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. I have no idea either, but I know I want something.”
Alex smiled, his eyes shining. “I’m so glad you’re just as clueless.”

So why am I telling you this?  There’s a novel coming out on April 7th titled 100 Days. Here’s the Goodreads blurb:

Jake and Aiden have been friends—and nothing more—since age six. Now college graduates, they take a road trip across the USA, visiting very state in 100 days.
As they start their cross-country odyssey, Jake and Aiden think they have their journey and their futures mapped out. But the road has a funny way of changing course.

I admit the blurb is a little obscure, but there’s enough similarity to have me sit up and take notice.

I haven’t read 100 Days, obviously because it’s not out yet, and honestly, I’d be a little scared to. But reading it will be the only way to see how it differs from Indigo Road. 

I planned on releasing Indigo Road toward the end of 2015, or maybe early 2016, but now, I don’t even know if I’ll finish it. I wouldn’t like to think that I’ve written 30k for no reason, but worse, I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’ve plagiarised something either.

That would be worse.



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