Encore Anthology Cover Reveal!





(Release date – March 20th)

encore 01

An anthology about musicals with a twist.

Who can resist a musical?

We at Wayward Ink certainly can’t!

Boys and Girls, go don your tux. Slink into your gown. Strap on your heels. Dust off that tiara and wrap yourselves in a feather boa!

Come celebrate the extravaganza with us!

Waltz through ten short stories inspired by some of the world’s most popular musicals.



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What’s Up Pussycat?

Louise Lyons

Heartbroken Finley fears he’ll never recover from the loss of his lover, Andrew, who was a star of the Cats musical. But then Finley has an idea… What if he were to take Andrew’s part in the musical and hopefully make his man proud?

Over The Rainbow

Lily G. Blunt

Dorian has been cast as Dorothy in his school’s production of The Wizard of Oz. Like his character, Dorian is about to discover whether dreams really do come true.

Broadway Devils

Eric Gober

A geek and his flashy rival . . . A leading man they both love . . . A starring role they both want . . . All’s fair in love and Broadway. May the best diva take it all!

Angel in the Wings

Asta Idonea

When handsome Phantom, Christopher Keane requests Marcus as his dresser, the action in the wings could be just as exciting as anything taking place on stage



My South Pacific

Taylin Clavelli

British born Callum has given up on love. Will he find it again among the Hawaiian reefs? Or will there be more sharks

Enjoy The Show

Lisa A. Adams 

Dylan Rucker’s online dating adventures landed him the perfect match. When “Mister Right” stands him up at the dinner theater, Dylan wants to crawl home defeated. But, the night is young… With an unexpected flirtation with the lead actor, Dylan must decide. Hold out for his “Mister Right”? Or, sit back and enjoy the show?

The One That I Want

R.J. Jones  <— that’s me

“What, you don’t think Danny’s hot?”

“I prefer Kenickie. He can pin me against a wall anytime.”

A Touch of Glamour 

Alina Popescu

 Tudor has big plans for New York City. Ditch his homophobic colleague. See a musical. Definitely check out the go-go boys. Meeting one Phantom on Grindr wasn’t in the script. Tudor gets caught up in a whirlwind when his favorite musical character steps off the stage and into his life.

A Man Who Measures Up

Cecil Wilde

When you’re in musical theater, love is just a jump to the left and a step to the right.

A Night at the Opera

Vanessa Clark

Rick never cared for opera. He thought opera singers were old, outdated, and fat. That was until he met Giovanni, an opera singer who’s far from that! No. Giovanni is statuesque, young, refreshing, and beautiful.Giovanni opened Rick’s mind to a new world, and Rick’s first ever opera experience definitely wasn’t going to be his last. But little does Giovanni realize that Rick will open his mind to a new experience too…

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