What I’ve been reading…

I thought I’d start doing a blog post about what books I’ve read the previous week. I read kinda slow so there may not be many to talk about. But this is me trying to blog more, so we’ll see how it goes, shall we?

On second thought, maybe this wasn’t such a good time to start this. I’ve had a couple of dnf’s and no, I won’t be calling them out.

I can tell you about the book I’m reading at the moment though, because it’s a very different read for me.

It’s paranormal.

*Shock. Gasp. Horror!*

I know! I hardly ever dip my foot into the para pool but since it was a bad week for reading I was keen to try something different. It was also a free read, so double points there.


And guess what? I’m not hating it. To be truthful, I’m kinda really enjoying it. It’s With a Kiss by Kim Dare. It’s basically a twist on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale where a vampire is in a coma and he’s awakened when a hospital ‘volunteer visitor’ kisses him on New Years Eve. The visitor, Liam has a split lip and the blood awakens the sleepy vamp, Marcus. I believe it has some BDSM D/s in it but I haven’t gotten that far in yet. But that’s cool. I like a good BDSM. As long as the sex is hot I’ll read it.

I’m off to write some more. It’s NaNo after all.




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