What happens when RJ is very tired… If I had three wishes


When I’m overtired I get a little silly and my imagination often runs away. This is me right now. While I was waiting for my husband to cook dinner (I’m lucky like that) my mind wandered off. This is where it went without my permission.

Wish 1 – 55% of the world’s population would be gay. Not to make heterosexuals the minority, but to make being gay as normal as going down the shop for a loaf of bread. ‘Homophobia’ would be stricken from the dictionary simply because it no longer existed.

Wish 2 – Everyone would be born with eyes that didn’t see the colour of other people’s skin. People of colour would still exist but because no one would be able to see it, it would be a non-issue. The only reason why we wouldn’t like someone would be because they had better hair. (My hair sucks, so this is totally legitimate)

Wish 3 – Bigotry and hatred would still be a thing. (C’mon. I’m trying to be realistic here.) However, it would be illegal and severely frowned upon so much that all bigots would be forced to leave the global ‘village’. They would start a commune high in the Siberian mountains where they would be forced to live on berries and magical wild elk. These elk would be in abundance and breed like rabbits. When consumed the hateful person would see the light of their ways, be filled with love, and wonder why they believed in the hatred in the first place. Reformed bigots would be welcomed back into the fold with open arms. Bigots who refuse to eat the magical elk die from starvation. Donald Trump is their leader. He’s currently on an intravenous drip of berry juice, but it doesn’t look good. Even on his deathbed he is still an arsehole.

I apologise for being so tired.
I’m off to bed.


Lola 1 canape


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