RELEASE DAY! Blueprint (Out of the Blue, #4) Psst… There’s a giveaway too!

I am so pleased to be able to say ‘Happy Release Day’ to Jet and Ethan! I’ve waited so long for them to get their happy ever after. Yes I know I’m the author, but as soon as Jet hit the page in Black & Bluhe, I knew his story would be heart-wrenching and warming all at the same time. *le sigh*

See below for the blurb and links. I hope you guys enjoy reading Blueprint as much as I did writing it. *smooches everyone*



If only building the foundation for a lasting relationship was as easy as drafting the blueprint.

Jet Black doesn’t date. Even if he wanted a man beyond sex, his ever-watchful identical twin scares potential suitors away. Jet lives with his brother, but since Gray fell in love with Kris, Jet feels like a third wheel. Despite their bond, Jet knows he needs to move out and experience life for himself, whether Gray likes it or not.

After his father dies in a boating accident, Ethan Nichols is devastated. As the last survivor of his family, he realizes the need to put down roots. He leaves Australia and returns home to San Francisco and his old architectural firm. But there’s more to building a new life than simply moving house.

Jet and Ethan’s first encounter is brash and anonymous, but when Ethan moves across the hall, their lives become irrevocably linked. Jet is quirky and fun loving, while Ethan is rock steady and dependable. There’s no denying the passionate spark between them.

But Ethan is looking for a more solid foundation than Jet is ready to offer. Until Jet learns to spread his wings and trust Ethan with his darkest secrets, building a life together will be impossible.

**This can be read as a standalone, however it is best enjoyed reading the series in order as side characters play a major role.**

If you want to read the entire first chapter, go here.


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Click here for the chance to win a $25 Amazon voucher plus an e-copy of Blueprint. 


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